Richard Tomkins

Richard Tomkins

General Manager

Richard joined Maas Group in August 2019 and brings with him a comprehensive knowledge of the construction material industry gained through a diverse 20 year career. Having spent 15 years working for the largest construction materials multinational in Australia, Richard has held many senior management roles in both their concrete and quarry businesses. Richard specialises in the delivery of large construction material projects, whilst optimising operational performance.

Murray Ward

Murray Ward

Financial Controller

With a strong background in the derivatives market, Murray returned from Sydney to the Central West in 1998. His comprehensive knowledge of the financial sector ensured his success as the Business Manager for two major banking corporations. Murray’s experience in lending and finance compliments the business strategy of RGA. 

Andrew Apolony

Andrew Apolony

Production Manager

Andrew’s vast knowledge in all aspects of quarrying, has been accumulated over some 20+ years of experience. Starting with RGA in 2011, Andrew has played a key role in the business growth in both quarry products and services and the mobile crushing fleet. Andrew believes in a personal approach and can often be found at one of RGA’s nine quarries.

Maas Group Holdings - Sustainability


Our quarry products are helping build a better tomorrow and so are we…

Regional Group is focused on the bigger picture and we want to be an industry leader in sustainable quarry operations.

We believe that the most successful companies deliver real and lasting benefits not only for their owners, but also for their workers and the broader community.

We embrace our corporate social responsibility and strive to improve the world around us and the lives of the people who live within the communities where we operate.

Regional Group care about our people and believes all workers should return home safely at the end of the day. This belief drives a strong commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers which is supported by robust work health and safety management systems. Our consultative risk management framework aims to deliver a targeted risk-based approach, engaged leaders, empowered workers and a positive safety culture.

Regional Group is committed to managing our environmental footprint and minimising any impact on the environment. We recognise that proper care of the environment is a fundamental part of our corporate responsibility and integral to our long-term success. As the group operates across a range of diverse and sensitive areas, we have implemented a broad framework reflecting best practice in environmental management.

Regional Group strives to build and maintain strong relationships with our communities. We engage proactively with community stakeholders to share information, hear concerns and solve problems. We proudly support local charities, initiatives and community groups.

We will always care for our workers, respect the environment and give back to the community.

These priorities are the foundations of our views on sustainability – it’s quarrying done right.


Employing passionate, driven people

As Regional Group Australia continues to grow, we’ll continue to employ passionate, driven people from the local community across a range of sectors.

We welcome enquiries and applications from suitably qualified people - if you’re interested in working with us, send your CV and accompanying cover letter to info@regionalgroupaustralia.com.au

Current Vacancies

Quarry Manager
Regional Group Australia | Full-Time | Posted: 25.03.20

MAAS Group Logistics Coordinator
Head Office | Maas Group | Full-Time | Posted: 18.03.20

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